What does Freediving NZ do?

Represent NZ on the AIDA International Assembly
Competitive freediving is governed internationally by AIDA International. While there is an AIDA International board, the formal decision making process within AIDA International is vested in the ‘Assembly’ which is made up of member countries, each of which has a single vote. Votes are called periodically on such matters as the selection of venues and judges for world championships, rule changes or election of AIDA International officials. Freediving NZ represents NZ freedivers in this process, calling for input from members where appropriate. Occasionally Freediving NZ will initiate change initiatives within the Assembly where this is perceived to further the interests of NZ divers or Freediving in general.
Select national teams
From time to time there are more divers wishing to compete internationally than places are available. A team selection process is then undertaken by Freediving NZ.
Compile National Records
We keep track of and maintain a list of national record.
Maintain a web presence
We maintain a website which provides information about freediving in NZ, our role and clubs.
Maintain a media presence
We maintain a media presence about competitive freediving in NZ, an example would be the recent record attempt by William Trubridge.
Coordinate National Pool Competition
We coordinate the national pool competition run annually by one of the freediving clubs.
Coordinate National Depth Competition
We coordinate the organisation of the annual national depth competition.
Select judges for all NZ competitions
Freediving NZ selects judges for competitions in New Zealand to ensure that all AIDA judges in NZ have regular opportunities to judge and to advance in skill level.
Seek sponsorship for national competitions
Freediving NZ has secured sponsorship for recent national competitions. This effectively subsidises entry fees.
Provide guidance to NZ freediving clubs on governance and safety
Freediving NZ provides guidance to clubs where required on various questions of safety e.g. appropriate level of medic and governance e.g. on efforts to become registered as incorporated society, on financial reporting, etc.
Liaise with other organisations on a national level NZUA, Spearfishing NZ
Freediving NZ liaise with other organisations such as Spearfishing NZ and NZU, however this has tended to be ad-hoc. The primary aim of this is to be aware of or be able to influence any planned legislative or other changes that may affect freediving in the future.
Provide a national spokesperson on freediving related queries
Occasionally a NZ view or comment is requested on freediving or an incident related to freediving. Planning appropriate response strategies and responding appropriately in such situations.
Provide advice to visiting international divers
Occasionally queries come in to Freediving NZ from visiting freedivers, usually the diver is referred to the relevant club by Freediving NZ.
Liaise with Government organisations about freediving
Recently we have been communicating with Worksafe about auditing of freedive instructors in New Zealand, in the past we have provided input on safe diving practices to WaterSafe NZ.
Maintain a national register of Freediving Incidents
As part of our role of providing guidance on safety we maintain a register of incidents during freedive competitions (and where reported by the clubs – during training). We also gather information about freedive related incidents that happen outside of the clubs/competitions where they are reported in the media and at time have provided comment on such incidents to the media.
Undertake special projects on behalf of the clubs
Recently we have been working on an initiative to simplify/streamline the medical disclaimer form used by the clubs.
Provide a point of contact with media or commercial agencies.
Recently we have handled a number of enquiries from organisations wishing to get in touch with NZ freedivers.
e.g. Film industry organisations wishing to get in touch/employ freedivers.