Dear Freediving NZ members, AIDA International has asked for the assembly to vote on 3 issues. Please read the below information and email your votes to the AIDA NZ Board before 5pm, 26 May 2015 NZDST to tally and submit:

Members of the AIDA Assembly, the Executive Board requests your vote on three items:

1: Proposal to host the 2016 AIDA Pool World Championship; and
2-3: AIDA Observer membership applications (China & Hong Kong)

2016 AIDA Pool World Championship

I’m pleased to share with you a proposal from the Finnish Divers’ Federation (FDF), to host the 2016 AIDA Pool World Championship (the FDF was the only organizer to deliver a proposal). Proposed dates are 25 June – 4 July 2016. The proposal is attached for your review. Please note that, as last year, we will also post the proposal on AIDA’s Facebook page. 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the FDF — which it would like to celebrate by hosting next year’s AIDA Pool World Championship.

The pools, hotel, transportation and other logistics appear to be world class. Please feel free to send any questions or comments you may have on the proposal to the Assembly list (e.g. reply to this email): the lead manager, Mikko Anttonen, is also the Assembly representative from AIDA Finland.

Please note that the most recent AIDA Pool World Championships (2013 and 2015) have been in Belgrade, Serbia, benefitting from southern European pricing. For example, the cost of hotel (9 nights, with breakfast) and competition for Belgrade 2015 is EUR 525. Northern European costs are higher: hotel (9 nights, with breakfast) and competition for the 2016 proposal is EUR 755. That said, athletes from Europe still benefit from low cost short-haul flights: something athletes from other continents can only dream about. Please note that the organizer examined the possibility of a camping option, but due to a holiday during the competition, camping will not be available.

The Board has reviewed this proposal, and believes the FDF can run an excellent event; the Board recommends this proposal to the Assembly for consideration and vote.

VOTE 1: Please vote on the FDF proposal to host the 2016 AIDA Pool World Championship: Yes or No

Applications for Observer Membership

Groups in two countries have applied for Observer membership: China and Hong Kong. Please note that although AIDA International (like the IOC) allows only one organization per country, AIDA follows IOC standards on independent countries. As the IOC treats both China and Hong Kong as independent countries, AIDA does the same.

The Board notes an exceptional interest in freediving in China and Hong Kong. Chinese divers have appeared at events throughout Asia; one is competing this month in Grand Cayman. There will also be an assistant judge from China at the 2015 AIDA Pool World Championships in Belgrade. The Board believes that Asia generally—and China specifically— is a significant growth market for freediving, and thanks education officer Jean-Pol François for making great efforts to reach out to this market.

The Board has reviewed the application for each country, found it complete, and recommends each to the Assembly for vote. Each group appears motivated to develop the sport of freediving in its country. Please vote on each application for membership:

VOTE 2: Please vote on China for Observer member: Yes or No

VOTE 3: Please vote on Hong Kong for Observer member: Yes or No

Thank you for your review and vote on these items.

Best regards,

Robert King
Vice President, AIDA International