The first day of competition is complete and the results are final. The good news for me personally was a clean 169m dive (a competition record for me, by 4m) and a spot in the final. I went as far as my body would take me today – any more would probably have ended in disaster. I have slowly learnt to listen to my body and come up when I need to, rather than aiming for a number. The latter has generally ended badly for me in the past and definitely had that effect for some divers today.

While I’m immensely happy with my dive and spot in the finals, it always comes with mixed feelings. Two friends made it just past me but blacked out, disqualifying their dives. A couple of others fell just short of the A final. I know that their success would come at the expense of mine, but I can’t help but feel disappointed for them. The nature of competitive sport means that one person’s success comes at the price of someone else’s, but in a small community where so many of us are friends as well, there is a tension between wanting good results for ourselves but not wanting others to fail. In the end, all we can control is our own dives. Afterwards, we celebrate or commiserate with our fellow competitors. Then we do it all over again.

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Time to breathe

Time to breathe (courtesy of Daan Verhoeven)