National Records

Our New Zealand Freedivers rank amongst the best in the world. Our records include a few current and previous World Records, and World Championship dives. As the depths, lengths and time are constantly being improved, we can only imagine what great dives there are to come.
Static Apnea (STA)
Female Kathryn Nevatt 7’45” 28 October 2016 Wellington, NZL Male Guy Brew 9’03” 11 July 2009 Wellington, NZL
Dynamic Apnea With Fins (DYN)
Female Suzy Osler 200m 10 May 2008 Aarhus, DEN Male Dave Mullins 265m 25 September 2010 Wellington, NZL
Dynamic Apnea With Bi Fins (DYN-B)
Female Kathryn Nevatt 169m 18 September 2020 Queenstown, NZ Male Jack Michael 175m 13 July 2019 Brisbane, AUS
Dynamic Apnea Without Fins (DNF)
Female Kathryn Nevatt 165m 24 August 2014 Porirua, NZL Male Dave Mullins 232m 11 July 2009 Porirua, NZL
Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF)
Female Niki Roderick 60m 20 June 2010 Kalamata, GRE Male Will Trubridge 102m* WR 21 July 2016 Dean’s Blue Hole, BHS
Constant Weight With Fins (CWT)
Female Kate Middleton 85m 28 April 2016, Dean’s Blue Hole, BHS Male Dave Mullins 125m 13 September 2013 Kalamata, GRE
Constant Weight With Bi-Fins (CWT-B)
Female Lillian Klein 40m 03 October 2019, Sabang Male Jonathan Sunnex 70m 04 August 2019, Dominca
Free Immersion (FIM)
Female Kate Middleton 76m 19 September 2015 Limassol, CYP Male Will Trubridge 124m* WR 2 May 2016 Dean’s Blue Hole, BHS