Members of the AIDA Assembly, I would like to provide you with information for this year’s AIDA Individual World Championships: competition dates; early training; pre-competition (Depth only); and wild card invitations. This information will also be posted on AIDA International’s Facebook page.

2015 AIDA Pool World Championship; Belgrade, Serbia

The 2015 AIDA Pool World Championship will be held from 19-28 June, in Belgrade, Serbia. This event will be hosted by Apnea Association Serbia, in cooperation with AIDA Serbia. Organizer contact:
Uroš Kojić:

Early training will be available to athletes wishing to arrive before the competition dates. There is no fee for early training, but athletes arriving before 19 June should reserve accommodations for the length of their stay.

2015 AIDA Depth World Championship; Limassol, Cyprus

The 2015 AIDA Depth World Championship will be held from 11-20 September, in Limassol, Cyprus. This event will be hosted by Free2Dive Freediving School, in cooperation with AIDA Cyprus. Organizer contact:
Website: [to be posted soon]

Early training will be available September 1-5, 7 and 9; the cost of early training will be EUR 50 per day, or EUR 40 per day for four or more days. Athletes arriving before 11 September should reserve accommodations for the length of their stay.

There will be a pre-competition (with World Record status) on September 6, 8 and 10 (three competition days); the cost of the pre-competition (including training on September 5, 7 and 9) will be EUR 360.

Wild Card Invitations

For each AIDA Individual World Championship, the top ten athletes per sex per discipline from the preceding year receive wild card invitations from AIDA International: these athletes are not counted toward the maxima (if any) for their countries, and do not need to qualify for their countries. AIDA International extends wildcard invitations for 2015 to each of the athletes in the attached list, for the event(s) under which their names appear. (E.g. if an athlete’s name appears under DYN and DNF, but not other disciplines, then the invitation is for DYN and DNF).

Please feel free to contact the organizer with any specific questions you may have, and to reserve accommodations and competition spaces. Please note that reservation deadlines apply (in order to prepare, and work with hotels), and that reserving after the deadline may result in a higher cost. We will provide you with information regarding reservation deadlines as we receive it; the organizers will also post this information to their websites.

Best regards,

Robert King
Vice President, AIDA International

Wild Card Invitations

Information Brochure for Belgrade 2015

Registration Fees for Belgrade 2015