Trans-Tasman Team Challenge 2016

Auckland, New Zealand. 03-07 August 2016

With national team selection complete and the competition rapidly approaching, excitement is growing for the first ever freediving team challenge between the neighbourly rivals Australia and New Zealand. The competition is simple: Each country can field two teams, each with four divers; at least one of whom must be female. Each member competes in all three AIDA-recognised pool disciplines – static breath-hold, dynamic with fins and dynamic without fins. The totals for all three dives and all four divers are added together for the final team tally, so every dive and every diver is critical to the team’s success. Will the team choose to push their limits for maximum points or play it safe to avoid the disaster of a penalty or disqualification? Could one of the B-teams upset an A-team? With 12 performances per team to take into account, anything is possible.

Full details for the competition can be found on the T3C website.