Freediving New Zealand National Pool Championships 2016

Wellington, New Zealand, 28-30 October 2016.

Freediving New Zealand, in conjuction with The Lazy Seal Freediving Club and head organiser Kathryn Nevatt invite all to the Freediving New Zealand National Pool Championships 2016, to be held in Wellington at 2 pool locations: Porirua and Naenae from 28 – 30 October 2016.

The split venues allows participants to perform DYN in a 50m pool (Naenae), and DNF in the 25m short course setting (Porirua). The Competition spans 3 days: Statics (STA) on the Friday morning, Dynamics with fins (DYN) on the Saturday, and Dynamics without fins (DNF) on the Sunday.

The competition will be run with both an AIDA grade and a recreational grade so that all are welcome to compete as a level they are comfortable with.

Preliminary Timetable

Thursday 27 October: 3 pm nominations for STA close

Friday 28 October: Te Rauparaha Arena Aquatic Centre, Porirua – Statics (STA)

  • 9 am officials’ briefing
  • 9:15 am competitors’ briefing
  • 9:45 am first competitor’s check in
  • 10:45 am first top time
  • 1 pm approx finish
  • STA Protests

3 pm nominations for DYN close

Saturday 29 October: Naenae Pool (50m) – Dynamics (DYN)

  • 9:30 am competitors’ briefing
  • 10 am first competitor’s check in
  • 11 am first top time
  • 1:15 pm approx finish
  • DYN protests
  • 3 pm nominations for DNF close

6 pm dinner –Tulsi: 135 Cuba Street, Wellington CBD. $25pp

Sunday 30 October: Te Rauparaha Arena Aquatic Centre, Porirua (25m) – Dynamic without fins (DNF)

  • 8:45 am first competitor’s check in
  • 9:45 am first top time
  • 12 pm approx finish
  • DNF protests
  • lunch & prizegiving
  • The organisers anticipate that flights out of Wellington after 4pm Sunday will fine.

Pending entries, the competition will be running 2 lanes concurrently.


  • Tracey Russell (head judge)
  • Ben Jeffares
  • Joy Keene
  • Shelley Gurney

Entries, inlist and further competition details will be posted here and shared on Facebook as the become available.










Recreational Grade

  • Albie Rothman
  • Gavin Gary

Competition Grade

  • David Mullins
  • Guy Brew
  • Nathaniel Fairweather
  • Paul Smillie
  • David Reid
  • Chris Marshall
  • Daria Golub
  • Gemma Cookson
  • Kathryn Nevatt
  • Tania Rounthwaite
  • Anna Hobman
  • Sarah Corban

Te Rauparaha Arena

Te Rauparaha Arena: Friday (STA) and Sunday (DNF)

Naenae Pool