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New Zealand Pool Freediving Safety Standards published!

After long consultation with member clubs, the Freedive New Zealand board and the New Zealand Recreation Association, the safety standards working group have published both the national standards and a template incident response plan for clubs to use. These standards...

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Fluyd Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals 2016

Fluyd Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals 2016 Lake Taupo, New Zealand 18-20 March 2016 The competition will comprise three sessions over three days. For each session, competitors can nominate any of the three AIDA depth competition disciplines. Disciplines can be...

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Adventure Activities Audit

Adventure Activities Regulation 2011 Freediving NZ Review Introduction: The Health and Safety (adventure activities) Act 2011 was aimed to address safety gaps identified in the Adventure Tourism Review. These regulations require adventure activity operators in New...

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