After long consultation with member clubs, the Freedive New Zealand board and the New Zealand Recreation Association, the safety standards working group have published both the national standards and a template incident response plan for clubs to use.

These standards have been developed with the clubs and officially endorsed by the New Zealand Recreation Association. They serve as the minimum standards expected from all freediving clubs operating under Freediving New Zealand. The Incident Response Plan template is designed to be used by clubs as a starting point for agreeing the procedures that will be followed in case of an incident during training and are expected to be modified to suit the needs of both the club and pool management.

This work, led by Paul Smilie, clarifies the expectations around safe practices when freediving in the pool and allows new and existing clubs to operate safely and help pool management understand and become comfortable with freediving in an organised and safe environment.

FDNZ Incident Response Plan template

Freediving New Zealand National Standards

Dive safe!