Dive Wellington Beuchat New Zealand Pool Freediving National Championships 2014

Wellington, New Zealand, 4-5 October 2014.

After a fantastic 3 sessions in the water, we are proud to announce that the Dive Wellington Beuchat Freediving National Champions for 2014 are Guy Brew and Kathryn Nevatt.

The Lazy Seal Freediving Club did a stellar job of organising, hosting the event, with social media being updated in real time. Many thanks to the Judges, medic and safeties for their wonderful work, and to Marine Pomarede for organising the timetable and logistics.

There were three sessions and the three pool disciplines performed with both an AIDA grade for international ranking points, and a recreation grade.

A very strong men’s line up made for some very exciting sessions, and the women – with the strength of newcomer Gemma Cookson; recent returner from Thailand, Julia Cunneen; and the amazing invalid Tania Rounthwaite – putting on formidable performances themselves.