Fluyd Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals 2016

Lake Taupo, 18-20 March 2016

The competition will comprise three sessions over three days. For each session, competitors can nominate any of the three AIDA depth competition disciplines. Disciplines can be repeated, although final ranking will only take into consideration the best result in each discipline. As this is our national championship, competitors are encouraged to take part in all disciplines and challenge for the title of NZ Depth Champion.

There will be a recreation grade available for those new to competitive freediving. Divers in the recreation grade will compete in the same disciplines, but with relaxed rules and against other recreation grade divers. A depth limit of 30m will be applied and these dives will not be eligible for international ranking, but will appear on the Freediving New Zealand Recreational Grade Ranking on the Freediving New Zealand website.

Freediving New Zealand
Paul Smillie
Ph: 0272840053

The competition is AIDA ranked, but it does NOT have world record status.

Head Judge:
Fran Rose


  • Joy Keene
  • John Wright
  • Shelley Gurney

Judge in Learning:
Ali Al Khalifah

Head Safety:
Guy Brew

Safety Team:

  • Dave Weissing
  • David Reid
  • Anthony Hafoka
  • Paul Smillie
  • Ben Jeffares

Dr Kashia Hunt

Timon Walkley

Ben Jeffares