New Zealand Freediving Clubs

New Zealand boasts some of the world’s best competitive freedivers, with athletes of all levels training regularly for competitions, fitness, and fun. Our clubs are always ready to help those wanting to get into the sport with advice and guidance, and membership of an affiliated freediving club provides full membership of Freediving New Zealand.

As well as being a competitive sport, the New Zealand freediving community is also a sociable and relaxed group of people with a variety of watersports backgrounds. Freediving training can be used to supplement off-season spearfishing conditioning (many freedivers are also spearos), as well as underwater rugby, underwater hockey, competitive pool and open water swimmers, as well as fin swimmers and the occasional snorkeller.

To find out more about a training sessions and course inductions, please contact an affiliated local club near you.

Northland Freedving

The Northland Freediving Club (aka the hypoxic Taniwha’s) train in Whangarei and Kawakawa with a strong focus on providing a safe environment to improve. From beginners through to competitive divers we encourage locals to come along, up skill and expand their buddy options.



Wellington - Lazy Seal Freedving Club

The Lazy Seals Freediving Club is the longest-running club in New Zealand. Training in the Wellington region, we cater to everyone – from the brand new seal pups to the experienced elephant seals. Come for the training, stay for the lounging on the rocks.




Queenstown Freediving Club






Queenstown Freediving Club trains in Lake Wakatipu in summer and in the pool all year round. We’re currently expanding into Wanaka and Invercargill. We welcome new and experienced freedivers to join us.

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Auckland Freediving Club

We are enthusiastic freedivers, spearfisher people, water lovers, marine mammals and apnea addicts who train together, do competitions, trips, BBQs, pub nights and dive days together.
We are a diverse, inclusive and respectful bunch. We love sharing our passion for the sport with everyone, from coaching to new members to helping top divers exceed in competitions.
Our instructors offer AIDA freediving courses. If you are just a beginner or you can do 88m CWTB, there is a place for you in The Auckland Freediving Club!
Safety is our number one priority. We help divers become the people you want to have watching your back in the water. Never dive alone – always dive with a competent buddy.


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Manawatu, Wanganui - Breathtakers Freediving Club

Breathtakers Freediving Club is based across the Manawatu, Wanganui and Wairarapa regions. We hold regular training sessions in local pools in Palmerston North (hoping to extend to other centres) and open water over summer, and have hosted summer dive camps in Lake Taupo and National freediving competitions.

We hold social events and recreational dive trips, and bring together people with similar interests and a love of the water.

Club members have a range of abilities, from absolute beginner to World Champion providing plenty space, loads of knowledge to share and a safe environment in which to test your limits.

We can base our training sessions around your goals, whether it be fitness, technique, confidence, extended breath-holds, competition, hunting/gathering on snorkel, depth/ depth simulation, hypoxic training to assist other sport, meditation, safety or just social reasons.

Get in touch if you’re keen to join us. We’ll take your breath away!!!


Waikato Freediving Club

Set up to get like minded Freedivers and Spearfishers around the Hamilton and Waikato area in touch and training in safety with buddies, sharing knowledge, experience and trips.