AIDA Pool World Champs: Belgrade 2015

 Chris Marshall, our solo kiwi competitor, had an excellent campaign in Belgrade this year. Despite incredibly trying conditions, Chris achieved his goals of qualifying for the A Finals in DNF and B Finals in DYN against very stiff competition. Chris is now ranked in 7th in the World in DNF and 12th in DYN – a remarkable achievement.

Many thanks to his sponsors, supporters and training partners for helping Chris in his successful bid in Belgrade.

Chris Marshall, New Zealand’s only competing athlete in Belgrade 2015, is returning to the Sport Center Milan Gale Muškatirović on the banks of the Danube River after competing in Belgrade’s last WC competition in 2013. The competition is in an outdoor pool in Belgrade, and 2013 saw athletes battle a heatwave for the first half of the competition, followed by an 18 degree drop in temperature overnight: just before Statics! It also saw remarkable WR’s from Natalia Molchanova (185m DNF, 9:02 STA), and an incredible 281m DYN from Goran Čolak.

Chris has generously agreed to informally post his thoughts and insights in the build-up to, and participation in, a Pool World Championship.

The finals wrap-up

The competition is now over; a successful one for me with a 7th place finish in dynamic without fins and 12th place with fins. My no fins dive went really quite well in the final, despite nerves. I set a new competition best performance of 175m, coming up pretty close...

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With fins update and a retrospective

The heats are now all done. I managed a new personal best with a monofin of 211m, which was enough for a B final (places 8-16), meaning I've at least achieved my pre-competition goals of making the A & B finals, plus set two competition best performances. After a...

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No fins complete

The first day of competition is complete and the results are final. The good news for me personally was a clean 169m dive (a competition record for me, by 4m) and a spot in the final. I went as far as my body would take me today - any more would probably have ended in...

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The night before

Tomorrow at 9am the competitions starts with Dynamic with No Fins. I will be in the first heat - my preference, to minimise the time I have to stress myself out before diving. The pool is now blue again, though cold at 23 degrees, so everything is ready to go. I did a...

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The Athletes Arrive

One of the best things about this sport is the community. World Championships are a time that I get reunited with people from all around the world that I almost never get to see. Breakfast this morning was a parade of reunions with people I consider good friends even...

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Welcome to Serbia

Well, it's been a bit of a journey getting here. After some rest and relaxation in Italy, I arrived at Rome airport via the traditional Italian mentally unstable taxi driver, only to battle for about 40 minutes to get my luggage approved. Efficiency is something that...

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